Zithromax pills is caused by antibodies of various classes. Immunoglobulins E are responsible for anaphylaxis, IgG for local allergic reactions, and zinc for delayed-type allergy, which will be discussed in more detail below.

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Local reactions can also be due to misuse, such as trauma to the skin with a thick needle or a poorly chosen injection site. Immediate - occurs 15-30 minutes after insulin administration in the form of severe itching or changes in the skin: dermatitis, urticaria or redness at the injection site. Slow - it may take a day or more before symptoms appear.

Usually, an allergy is expressed only Azithromycin pills in a change in the skin, but stronger and more dangerous consequences are possible, such as anaphylactic shock. In a small group of people, taking the medication provokes a generalized reaction, characterized by such unpleasant symptoms as: Slight increase in temperature. Weakness. Fatigue. Indigestion. Joint pain. Spasm of the bronchi. Enlarged lymph nodes.

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Slowdown is of Azithromycin: Local - only the injection site is affected. Systemic - other areas are affected. Combined - both the injection site and other parts of the body are affected. In rare cases, serious reactions such as: Very high temperature. Necrosis of subcutaneous tissues. Edema of lung tissue.

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The presence of an allergy to insulin is determined by an immunologist or an allergist based on an analysis of symptoms and anamnesis. For a more accurate diagnosis, you will also need: Donate blood (general analysis, for sugar levels and for determining the level of immunoglobulins), Exclude skin and blood diseases, infections, skin itching as a result of liver failure. Make small dose samples of all types. The reaction is determined an hour after the procedure by the severity and size of the resulting papule.

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Mild symptoms resolve without intervention within 40-60 minutes. If the manifestations persist for a long time and become worse each time, then it is necessary to start taking antihistamine drugs, such as diphenhydramine and suprastin. Injections are made more often, in different parts of the body, the dosage is reduced. If this does not help, then bovine or porcine insulin is replaced with purified human insulin, which does not contain zinc. In case of a systemic reaction, adrenaline, antihistamines are urgently administered, as well as placement in a hospital, where respiratory and circulatory support will be provided.

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Zithromax Treatment is prescribed only by a doctor, depending on the type of allergy. Since it is impossible to completely abandon the use of the drug for a diabetic patient, the dosage is temporarily reduced several times, and then gradually. After stabilization of the condition, a gradual (usually two days) return tothe previous norm.

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If, due to anaphylactic shock, the drug was completely canceled, then before resuming treatment, the following is recommended: Perform trials of all drug options. Choose the appropriate one (causing less consequences) Try the lowest dose. Increase the dose slowly, monitoring the patient's condition with a blood test.

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If the treatment was ineffective, then insulin is administered simultaneously with hydrocortisone. If it is necessary to reduce the dosage, the patient is prescribed a low-carbohydrate diet, in which everything, including complex carbohydrates, are consumed in limited quantities. All foods that can provoke or exacerbate allergies are excluded from the diet, these include: Milk, eggs, cheese. Honey, coffee, alcohol. Smoked, canned, spicy. Tomatoes, eggplant, red pepper. Caviar and seafood.

Dairy drinks. Cottage cheese. Lean meat. From fish: cod and perch. From vegetables: cabbage, zucchini, cucumbers and broccoli. Some of these symptoms may not indicate an allergy, but an overdose of the drug.

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